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Cows placed in air-conditioned conditions have been shown to produce 10% more milk. It is also claimed that cows suffer from heat stress at temperatures as low as 72 degrees F. This puts particular pressure on cows raised in hot places such as Florida and Texas, but also during the increasingly hot  North American summers, enhancing the need for air conditioning equipment. The cooling can also counter reduced birth trends in the summer as cool cows tend to produce more offspring.
The same stress also applies to humans, as when buildings and homes add air conditioning that were previously  not  air conditioned, comfort and in the case of businesses, productivity improves greatly. Call Denmark now and let us show you how we can make you comfortable.



Dry cabin air  and lack of oxygen and humidity has been the complaint of air passengers for many years. The reason: the air was delivered from the jet engines. This so -called "bleed air" is mixed with fuel and combusts and reaches such high temperatures and  pressure that it then has to be cooled off and filtered through high- efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. However, HEPA is a relatively recent and 25% of the US commercial fleet is not equipped. In existing planes, the air is compressed to the same pressure as approximately 7500 feet above sea level.
The fact that planes are made up of aluminum components riveted together  is an obstacle  to higher air pressure  which would cause too much wear and tear to the fuselage. And higher humidity rates would cause corrosion, consequently the air humidity rates are at about  4% and the only humidity comes from the occupants breath.
In the new Boeing 787, the air will be vented directly through inlets on the lower part of the plane and will not go through the engines. An electrical system, driven by power generated from the engines, will humidify the air to 15% humidity, which is possible as the planes fuselage is made of non-corrosive composite materials.
The air can also be compressed to pressures similar to those at 5000 feet above sea level. The system is also HEPA- equipped and has additional filters to remove volatile organic gases due to hand wipes, cologne, vinyl, etc. that build up inside the plane making some passengers feel ill. This innovative system promoting passenger comfort is considered by airline companies as an important  consideration when buying a plane.
This system is similar to the ones we install and have installed in many homes over the years. Call Denmark now and have your home or business surveyed for the latest indoor climate controlled components


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